Governor touts effort to Rebuild Illinois

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Governor Pritzker continues celebrating his plan to Rebuild Illinois. Tuesday, he traveled Southern Illinois to tout improvements to infrastructure and a new casino license for Walker’s Bluff.

He is commemorating the bill as a bipartisan effort, but some who opposed the measure say money from projects in the bill still highlight favoritism for Democrats.

Some Republicans are concerned pet projects for Democratic members of the General Assembly are getting more funding than projects in Republican jurisdictions. Some House Republican say the capital plan is packed full of pork referring to pork barrel politics or granting favors in exchange for support.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in the plan are earmarked for efforts around Chicago, including $400,000 area dog parks. 257 of 362 pages mention funding around the city.

Despite concerns about frivolous spending in Democratically-dominated areas, Pritzker says he believes the allocations are fair. The governor says, on top of road and rail repair funding, a good portion of the bill will trickle downstate thanks to higher education projects.

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