GREENVILLE, Ala. (WCIA) — One week after their beloved Goldendoodle was stolen along with their car, a Mansfield family is finally reunited with their dog.

Reporters from our sister station WIAT in Birmingham, Ala. were on hand to see the moment the Hannah family was reunited with Tess Wednesday morning. They drove 13 hours from Mansfield to Greenville, Ala. the previous day just to bring her home.

John Hannah described the moment he saw his dog for the first time in seven days.

“As she first comes out, you know it’s her, but you just wonder what to say because you don’t know what she’s went through,” Hannah said. “I wanted to be easy to begin because I just didn’t know. She had to come to me, but she’s our dog. She ran to my wife.”

The Hannahs’ ordeal started on Feb. 8 when someone stole the family car with Tess inside. The car was found in Nashville, Tenn. the next day, but there was no sign of Tess or the person who stole her.

On Tuesday, authorities found them in Butler County, Ala. walking along Interstate 65, which connects Nashville, Birmingham and southern Alabama. The Sheriff’s Office said the man was charged with stealing the Hannahs’ car and also had a stolen gun in his possession. He was booked into the Butler County Jail.

“They did their job excellent,” Hannah said. “They got a criminal off the street.”

Hannah also said that he was told the thief who stole Tess also stole another dog, but that dog was quickly released and rescued.

“Ours, 710 miles later, we get our dog back,” Hannah said.

The Sheriff’s Office took custody of Tess and confirmed her identity through her dog tags and chip. The Greenville Animal Shelter took care of her until the Hannahs could arrive.

The Hannahs are excited to bring Tess home, which will include reuniting her with their cat Critter.

“I just want to thank everybody that helped,” Hannah said.