URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Flex-N-Gate’s Effingham location laid off hundreds of workers because of strikes in Kentucky. As a result–Guardian West, a sister company, has let go of employees as well.   

Hundreds of employees were let go at the Urbana plant this morning, including Urbana resident Cori Ludemann’s boyfriend.

For more than a decade Ludemann’s boyfriend worked at the company before getting the news. She said once she heard he got laid off she immediately went into planning mode. Car payments, bills and groceries are all expenses they’ll have to look at. Not to mention her son, who pays 600 a month to live with them. She said they may have to increase his rent.

Ludemann is also dealing with a medical condition— fibromyalgia. Chronic pains, muscle weakness and fatigue are all symptoms she deals with on a daily basis.

She said now that her boyfriend doesn’t have a job…It could mean she’ll have to one—despite health issues. Ludemann said she understands why workers are striking but urges them and officials to compromise—before it’s too late.

“We’re just one of, you know, thousands that are affected by it,” said Ludemann. “And there are other families that are affected that are worse off than we are that are probably wondering how they’re going to pay their rent now. It needs to be resolved soon.”

Ludemann said the next step is applying for unemployment. But it only pays for a fraction of their expenses.

WCIA has reached to Guardian West officials on how many employees have been let go or how long layoffs will last. We have not heard back.