Gibson City leaders are making improvements to the water


GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — We told you about how people in Gibson City have had issues with rusty water. Now, Gibson City officials are taking steps to make improvements to the water system.

Gibson City is kicking off its “Moving Forward Initiative.”

It’s going to cost between $7 and $8 million dollars, but the mayor says it’ll be worth it.

“The goal has always been to make improvements to the water system, upgrade the pool, those plans were already in place,” said Daniel Dickey, the mayor of Gibson City. “Now we’re doing the details, the engineering, raising the money moving forward.”

In addition to building a new town pool and upgrading the water plant, engineers are replacing up to 15 defective water hydrants with new ones.

The process will take about one month.

Officials are also asking people for their used water, fridge, or whole house filters.

That will help crews identify areas where there are water discoloration issues.

“We want to keep our citizens happy and this is the things that they want,” said Dickey. “So we’re trying to spend taxpayer money wisely. We’re also looking at economic development.”

The new pool will start early next spring.

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