Gibson City is recovering after yet another storm hits them hard


GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) – “It was unbelievable, and it was raining so hard you could not see into the yard,” Carol Hutchcraft, a Gibson City resident, said.

Maybe the more unbelievable part wasn’t the thunderstorm, but the fact that severe weather was pummeling one town again, and today people are cleaning up after round two.

A severe storm and straight line winds hit Gibson City last night. This comes as some people were just getting their lives back together after historic flooding a month ago.

Driving through Gibson City about a month ago, you would see furniture, ripped up carpet, things damaged by the flood waters. Today, were piles of tree limbs and even whole trees down in yards. It may have looked a bit different, but people are dealing with the same issue: clean-up.

“The rain just hit and it was blowing so hard that you couldn’t see across our deck. We have a deck off of our house, and it was so strong, and we could see things flying,” Hutchcraft said.

She has lived in her home for a little over 10 years and said she watched the storm move in Tuesday night.

“I think it just happened so fast you didn’t really feel until Beth said ‘Mom, I think we need to get away from this window,” she said. “I don’t think I even had fear at the time until it was over.”

People living in Gibson City are just getting back on their feet after historic flooding a month ago. It displaced dozens of people and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Now, places like the school, hospital, and people’s homes have been hit again by this storm. But Hutchcraft said the people living in the city are resilient, and always ready to help their neighbors.

“They’re wonderful people here in gibson city, and they’ll pull together and help one another. Just like our friends are here now helping us. So, they’ll pull together,” she said.

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