SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Illinois’s newest statewide officer released a final report from his transition team.

The Secretary of State’s final transition team report lists out dozens of goals and action items to improve the office after the team held meetings and listened to Illinois residents’ feedback.

“This transition team report is detailed, aspirational and doable,” Secretary Giannoulias said. “It’s clear we have a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m excited to dig in and make the Secretary of State’s office the gold standard when it comes to customer service, innovation and ethics.”

Giannoulias is the first new Illinois Secretary of State in nearly a quarter of a century. His predecessor, Jesse White, served from 1999-2023.

“I want to recognize and thank outgoing Secretary Jesse White, who has built an incredible legacy over his 24 years in the office and will continue to be an inspiration for all of us with his dedication to public service,” Giannoulias wrote.

Some of his goals his transition team highlighted include expanding library access, release public education campaigns about fraud prevention, improving marketing for the organ donation program, and shorten wait times at Secretary of State facilities.

The report also has goals of upgrading the technology of his office and making his office the most environmentally sustainable in the nation.

Giannoulias’ transition team included public officials and community representatives from all across Illinois, including his Republican opponent, Dan Brady.

His first executive order on ethics reform was signed Tuesday. It performs a review of all vehicles to make sure they are only used for governmental purposes, requires training from the Inspector General, prohibits Secretary of State employees from donating to current secretary’s political fund.