CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Halloween dominates the entire month of October. People dress in costumes, spend time picking pumpkins in a patch and watching spooky movies.

For those daring to explore a more immersive spooky experience, visiting some of the haunted locations in the area may by right your alley. Here are a few to get you started:


When doctor Thomas Williams founded the town of Williamsburg Hill in 1839, local tribes soon warned him the area was not fit to live and build a town. He waved off their comments, and created a bustling town of 2,000 people filled with saloons, hotels and other businesses.

The nearby stagecoach line in 1881 was replaced with a railroad that bypassed the town altogether. It didn’t take long for people to move away causing the town to collapse.

Ridge Cemetary in nearby Tower Hill, the same area Williamsburg Hill once stood, is the final resting place of some of its early citizens. Nowadays, as legend has it, a crazed old man and a funeral procession rushes visitors right off of the property.


In the heart of Illinois Amish Country, a fenced-in grave near a large oak tree holds the final resting spot of a witch.

According to Roadside America, a 15-year-old girl challenged her Amish upbringing. She soon went missing and ended up dead in a nearby field. She was then deemed a witch.

After her burial in the town cemetery, community members planted an oak tree over her grave to trap her soul. Since then, the oak tree has grown, and legend has it that so long as the tree is alive, it will keep her soul trapped from seeking revenge.


Robert Allerton Park is a must-visit destination for everyone in Central Illinois.

The 1900 Georgian Revival mansion on the grounds is known to still have a guest, a Lady in White. Her spirit is known to take walks at the nearby pond and spend time in the guest room where she once stayed.

Central Illinois Ghost Tour

U of I English Building

Each year, tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff at the U of I walk amid the large campus. An alleged ghost does too.

Built in 1905, the English Building on the Main Quad used to be the Women’s Building. Legend has it, a U of I student drowned in the basement pool decades ago.

To this day, no one knows if the incident was accidental or suicide.

The pool has since been closed and the space is now a computer lab. According to a 2016 Daily Illini article, students routinely hear a shrieking woman’s voice along with doors closing shut and creaking floors.


Fischer Theater, a 19th century opera house served as housing, stores, and a theater during its prime.

A volunteer of the Vermillion Heritage Foundation once accidentally recorded strange sounds occurring in the projection room. The Springfield Ghost Society also noted strange sounds and shadow figures throughout the theatre too.


In the late 19th century, 14-year-old Lurancy Vennum didn’t feel well. She soon fell in a trance when possessed by Mary Roff, who was known to have frequent fits and could read a book blindfolded.

Mary spent her young life in her family’s Victorian house hearing strange voices, speaking in multiple languages and cutting herself. Her parents eventually committed her to an insane asylum where she died in 1865 at age 19.

In 1877, Roff’s spirit inhabited in Vennum for ten months while living in the Roff house, even visiting Mary’s friends.

Since then, thousands of people have visited the Roff house hoping to catch a glimpse of the girls who are still known to haunt the house.

If you’re not into spooky sites like these, that’s no issue. There are other fun places in Central Illinois to visit doing this holiday season.

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