DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) – An important part of any city is new places to eat at or visit. In Our Town Decatur, new places are popping up all the time.

In the heart of downtown Decatur, you’ll find the hustle and bustle of any city. With shops, restaurants, and now, The Establishment.

“We basically decided we were going to go with some 1920’s themed restaurant. We specialized in 1920’s themed cocktails like old fashioned, Mary Pickford’s, things like that. Our menu is the flapper, the hottsie tottsie,” Misty Durbin, the owner, said.

It’s a new, unique addition to the landscape of downtown. And an adventure that Durbin and her husband have only been tackling for about a month.

“We just opened in May, so we’ve only been here a couple months, not even yeah, so we just started,” she said.

This isn’t their first time owning and running a business in Decatur. In fact, they always had a plan to open a store front. It just didn’t always look like this.

“Basically, we started with the Diggy Dogs truck, and at first we were going to a store front for that, and then somehow it turned into this after deciding downtown wasn’t really the place for hot dogs,” she said.

So, how did they come up with the roaring 20’s theme?

“Because of the 20’s initially, it just being 2020, we just wanted to try something a little different, and I think the 20’s was really a lot of fun,” she said.

Even though right now it’s where you can pop in for a quick soup or sandwich. Not everything is as it seems.

“It’s like a speak easy theme, and we’re going to have more things to come. So, it’ll be really neat. So, as it all comes together it’ll start to make more sense,” she said.

But the biggest thing for Durbin is being a part of our town Decatur.

“This has just always been the place. We were a member of the chamber of commerce here with the Diggiy Dogs truck. So, we just kinda kept with the theme of supporting the community and being a part of it,” she said.

So, they’re still new and just trying to get established, but some of the things they have planned in the future are a gaming parlor, a speakeasy in their basement, and a dessert bar.