DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — An alligator from Scovill Zoo got to take the last dip of the season at Splash Cove on Wednesday afternoon.

Splash Cove employees drained the chlorine pool before G the gator took off swimming in the lazy river.

The gator is 39 years old, weighs 300 pounds and is 12 feet long. Vieweg Real Estate employee Jim Wilkerson took the video of G swimming.

Watch the video here!

“It was my first time putting my hand in the water with a go-pro with an alligator a few feet away,” Wilkerson said with a laugh. “I was confident though. Because he is over 30 years old, I figured he wouldn’t be able to swim fast to get me.”

Zoo officials said G has not left his enclosure much and never has experienced the level of submergence that he did at Splash Cove.

“His dedicated keepers have been looking for ways to enrich G’s life and provide more experiences, so they took him for a swim!” staff said on Facebook. “He loved freshening up on his swimming skills, floating in the river current, and let us know that he enjoyed his trip to the lazy river by refusing to leave.”

When G finally decided to leave like any toddler visiting the pool, officials said.

“He finally decided to come out and then basked in the sun on the concrete deck for a few minutes before safely venturing back to his home at Scovill Zoo. We are pretty sure he had a big alligator smile and was loving life on his vacation day.”

The Decatur Park District, Splash Cove and Scovill Zoo all collaborated to make this happen. They plan to make this an annual end-of-summer field trip after the humans have left the pool and before the staff completely drains the pool for winter.

“He seemed to enjoy it, did fine, and with a little coaxing, went into the water, and a couple of hours he did a lap around the pool,” said Scovill Zoo Director Ken Frye. “He is well fed, so not foraging for anything, just enjoying the water.”

After G took the last summer swim, Splash Cove employees drained the pool.