DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Garfield Elementary School will close in June.

School officials said they have been discussing a plan to close Garfield School and what to do with the building after closing it.

At the school board meeting on Wednesday night, Superintendent Alicia Geddis presented several issues that Garfield School has had for years, which led to the decision of closing it. She said Garfield School has had mold, water issues and sewage issues. She also said they could not control the temperature inside the building and the boiler was cemented into the wall. There were also security issues.

According to school board member Johnnie Carey, it will take about seven to eight weeks to close Garfield School.

Geddis stated that the school board is open to the idea of keeping the school instead of tearing it down. She said they will not have to fix the building if they only use it to store things, and not people.

“I can house things in there (Garfield School). I could not in good conscience put people in it,” said Geddis.

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education John Hart and Human Resources Director Kim Pabst presented to the school board an idea to repurpose Garfield School as a community outreach center.

According to them, the building would be used for storage purposes. They said it would be used to store things like health items, household items, school supplies and items for a food pantry.

Pabst said repurposing Garfield School will also help lessen the impact of the staffing shortage at Danville School District 118. She said the repurposing of Garfield School will provide the following available positions: one administrator, one social worker, one school nurse, two classroom teachers, one special education teacher, one building secretary, two custodians and four food service employees.

Garfield students would be redistributed to Liberty and Meade Park. 111 students would be redistributed to Liberty Elementary School (for those who live on the east side of Logan Avenue and the north side of English Street) and 85 students would be redistributed to Meade Park Elementary School (for those who live on the west side of Logan Avenue south side of English Street). Kindergarten numbers have been estimated.