CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Garden Hills neighborhood in Champaign just got a little brighter. Its streetlight project has come to a close with more lights being turned on in the area.

Amy Revilla, Vice President of the Neighborhood Association, said they have been trying to get these upgrades for years. The city originally thought it wouldn’t be able to work until 2030, but thanks to American Rescue Plan money, they were able to get the process started in February.

They still have a ways to go. Revilla said adding lights will make it easier for first responders to see, and harder for people to commit crime.

“I live very close to the park and my son lives on Paula, and just to walk to his house at night is not safe, honestly,” she said. “And of course we have a lot of youth in the neighborhood, so you know, they’re out. They’re fearless and it will hopefully keep them safer, too.”

Revilla hopes this will inspire renters and landlords to also take pride in the neighborhood. People living in the area are now waiting to get sidewalks to accompany the new lights.