ARGENTA, Ill. (WCIA) – Multiple reports of funnel clouds came in to WCIA on Thursday starting midday and lasting into the afternoon.

The National Weather Service issued a statement saying these funnels formed along a weak boundary extending from far Southeast McLean county towards the Dewitt/Piatt County border, through Central Macon county and into Northwest Christian county.

Atmospheric conditions were favorable to form some of these funnels, which resemble cold air funnels or landspouts along the boundary. The boundary continued to slowly move southeast and produce occasional funnel clouds.

The National Weather Service stated that, “In rare cases these slow moving funnel clouds could briefly reach the ground and cause possible wind damage.”

WCIA received reports of funnel clouds from Argenta, Farmer City, Mansfield, Weldon, Monticello and Deland.

Originally believed to be cold air funnels, further analysis has indicated these resemble more like shear funnels or hybrid-landspout funnel clouds. These funnels form under cumulus or developing cumulonimbus clouds and along storms that form near a boundary, much like today’s set-up brought.

Viewer Photos: Shane Ater, Donn Crawford, Kevin Yaden, Maycie Nicole, Melissa Wisman, Teresa Garrett, Josh Sherwood, Kristofer Karr, Tyler Able, Lisa Shofner