TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA)– A group of mothers put on a fundraiser for Colton Rahn and Dilynn Wilson, who both have cerebral palsy.   

“She’s having a surgery to get everything straight and be able to walk completely normal and everything,” said Josh Wilson, Dilynn’s dad. 

Colton was recently diagnosed with cancer.  

“He’s had a journey with cerebral palsy and epilepsy as it, the diagnosis was definitely a shocker,” said Katie Parker, Colton’s mom.  

Dilynn and Colton’s story has touched the hearts of many which is why a group of moms decided to host a fundraiser to help with medical bills.  

 “We reached out to these businesses, and they’ve been more than generous to open their doors,” said Marla Vearil, one of the mothers who organized the fundraiser.   

Six business owners decided to donate a portion of their profits to the families. And for Joe’s Pizza and Shimmer and Sheek Boutique it was an easy decision to support. 

 “People are always so willing to give in this community we had the opportunity to help out, so we took it,” said Sarah Vitale, owner of Joe’s Pizza. 

“We didn’t personally know the family but it’s about being part of the community bringing everyone together and showing our support,” said Taylor Reifsteck.  

The community showed up to do their part. 

“Allen and I came downtown, we’re going to get us some supper and a few drinks and shop,” said Marci Shoemaker. 

That support is the reason both families still live in Tuscola.  

“Just absolutely amazing, it’s one of the great things about living in Tuscola,” said Wilson. 

“We didn’t ask for anything but it’s part of why we’ve stayed in Tuscola they’ve been amazing,” said Parker.