ARTHUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Amish Country tractor cruise is one of the premier tractor events in the Midwest. Saturday started out a little bit in the rain, but ended up being a very sunny day with a lot of farmers as far away as West Virginia.

“We were here three years ago, when we had the ride three years ago. We loved it, absolutely loved it. So we came back again,” says tractor driver John Goroncy.

WCIA: What sort of enjoyment do you get out of it?

“It’s looking at the tractors, but the big thing is talk with the people, fellowship with the people,” Goroncy says. “There’s so many good people, great friends that I’ve met from Mississippi. There’s folks here from Mississippi, and there’s people you normally wouldn’t meet except for the tractors and the ride.”

Entry fees help provide scholarships for FFA students in the Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond High School, says event organizer Jim Fleming.

“That’s what it’s all about, we do it for kids, and we do it for families, and it’s really a father’s multi-generation type of event and the scholarships are part of it. But it’s really about the families coming together and spending some time together in this type of set-up.”

WCIA: You’ve done this for a lot of years.

“We’ve done this since 2010,” Fleming responds.

Dozens of farmers from across the Midwest who came to Arthur on Saturday for the Amish Farmer Tractor Cruise certainly had a lot of fun showing off some of their old equipment.