DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Farm Progress Show is only 49 days away.

David Brix is one of the host farmers, and he spent the weekend working on one of the busiest parking lots where he was growing wheat — instead of alfalfa.

“With all the traffic and the setup and landscapes and everything, it just kept getting tore up,” Brix says. “So we decided we needed to do something different, because this east lot gets the most abuse.”

WCIA: So you planted wheat, and you got a pretty good crop of wheat off of it.

“Yep,” Brix replies. “Best wheat we ever raised, it was around 95 bushels. We’ll come back next year, off show year, and we’ll plant beans in it and we’ll plant wheat again after that in preparation for the ’23 show.”

WCIA: Now you’re baling straw off of it.

“With the better wheat you get better straw, or there’s more of it out there,” says Brix. “It was taller, and a better stand. Straw quantity was high, wheat was high, prices are up a little bit, so it’s turned out to be a pretty good idea.”

WCIA: Matt Jungmann is real pleased with the way the parking lots look at this time of year. And that is all your responsibility. What have you done that has been magic this year?

“I don’t know there is anything magic, but we are fortunate that it survived the winter pretty good,” Brix says. “And the last seeding we did in ’19 took off pretty well. It was a rough show in ’19, we had some bad spots because that was our first show that was really wet, on the first day, so the parking lots take a terrible beating and I am really surprised they are as resilient as they are and do come back like they do.”

WCIA: That’s all alfalfa. I don’t know if you have a blend of other things that put in there or not.

“With our winter annual problems we have around here, we used to do orchard alfalfa,” says Brix. “Now it is just straight Roundup ready alfalfa, because we can come in a do weed control, and I think that’s one of the things it looks so much better because we’ve taken the weed pressure out of it with that program.”