CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — When you get a new car in a few years, it will have a more potent ethanol fuel to power it, said Dave Loos of the Illinois Corn Growers.

“We’ve been working really hard, pushing the Next Generation Fuels Act in Congress. As you know Cheri Bustos introduced this legislation in August, right before the Farm Progress Show. We’ve got great support from Congressman Lahood, Bost, Kelly, Adam Kinzinger from Illinois. We have a total of 24 sponsors on that legislation right now,” Loos said. “And we see this as really the fix in the future where it ties the vehicle to the fuel. It allows for higher blends of ethanol, as much as 25%, 30% in the future. It improves the efficiency of the vehicles that are going to be produced in the future. And it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It will save two billion tons of carbon by 2040 if we can pass this legislation. And in relationship to this summertime waiver for E15, this bill also establishes a permanent waiver for all blends E10 and above.”

Do carmakers have to come up with different technology?

“They can come up with technology they currently have on the shelf,” Loos responded. “But it doesn’t benefit right now for them to invest in that technology until they can design a vehicle around a higher octane fuel to benefit from the better efficiency they would get from the higher blends of ethanol and the higher octane fuel that they would be designing around.”

Any difference as far as the traveling motorist?

“I think we’ll see better performance,” Loos said. “We’ll better efficiency, We’ll see possible savings at the pump with these high blends of ethanol and more efficient vehicles.”

Will farmers see more demand for corn?

“Absolutely,” Loos said. “The estimates here are that we can increase ethanol demand by four, 4.5 billion gallons by 2035, 2040.”