(WCIA) — Cold wet conditions meant the Farm Progress Show corn even got a late start this year.

“When you say we’ve got to have corn harvestable before the end of August, that throws us into that thing of going way up north to find some early maturity corn,” says Host Farmer David Brix. “Most of the corn this year we’re planting is in the 86 to 88-day corn, which is no way close to what we plant around here, but in order to guarantee that we have the show, that’s what we have to go to.”

Brix also helps exhibitors with special requests. 

“It’s just now ramping up, actually today is vendor day, down here at the show site,” he says. “This is the first time really where a lot of the vendors and a lot of the exhibitors are really showing up. That’s going on now, so yeah, from here on out that is kind of the start.”

Brix has a lot of other involvement than just planting the demonstration fields.

“Of course we do all of the parking areas also, so we have to maintain them,” he says, “and we help organize a lot of the outside activities, all the ride and drive areas, help with trams, and all that stuff, the logistics, help maintain roads, and if any seed companies want some test plots inside we do some of that stuff too. So, we’re pretty hands-on with it, so it just gets pretty busy from here on out.”

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the show: Tuesday, Aug. 31, Wednesday, Sept. 1 and Thursday, Sept. 2, all before Labor Day.