From the Farm: Crops sprouting slowly this year


BLUE MOUND, Ill. (WCIA) — Blue Mound Farmer Jeff Brown is known widely for his 350-bushel yield several years ago, but this year he’s with every other farmer, waiting for the crops to emerge.

“You know the cold temperatures, when to plant, was it early April, mid-April, late April, May,” says Brown. “I think we’re going to hit all of the planting periods, quite unusual with the cool weather, then the snow. 

“It started out warm of course and everybody got excited, you didn’t know whether to plant or not to plant, so there’s been some decisions there that I don’t think is going to make any difference in the end because we haven’t grown much of the early crop to the crop that we are just finishing up on now.”

WCIA: Have you had any soybeans or corn that has been dinged by frost?

“We’ve had some that’s been frosted,” Brown says. “I can’t say it has been dinged. It was just small that it was coming out of the ground that it did not hurt it, but I haven’t looked at today’s or yesterday’s frost damage.”

WCIA: The soil has been so cool it has slowed down the growth and that has probably protected it.

“Most guys that planted early were hoping their corn wasn’t up on that first snow we had so, sometimes it’s a curse and sometimes it’s a great benefit, but this time it seems like it helped things out more than not,” says Brown.

WCIA: Are you pretty well done planting?

“Pretty done,” Brown says. “We’ve got a few more areas to go. Just two or three days of easy running, so we’re trying to do it right, and just pick those right days, and we’re coming up on one this afternoon.

“We wanted to get started again, finish some up, and then move to a different area and get it wrapped up. Overall we’re making good progress and hopefully, we’ve made good decisions. But that will be determined next fall.”

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