From the Farm: Crop scouting school


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The weather is slowly improving. Corn and soybeans are up and growing. Ag Reporter Stu Ellis is out in the field somewhere. Let’s sneak up on him this morning and see who he’s talking to.

WCIA: Chelsea, what’s happened to this corn?

Chelsea Harbach: “On this corn leaf you’ve got some kind of intravenal chlorosis. This looks to be like a nutrient deficiency.”

WCIA: Oh hi! Good morning to you. This is Chelsea Harbach. And we’ve got something special coming up for young people this summer. Chelsea is going to be putting on, for the first time in Illinois, a crop scouting school. Kids will have some corn leaves, bean leaves, maybe some weeds to identify, the things that Dads and moms do out in the field all the time, and when is this and where is it going to be?

Chelsea Harbach: “The competition is on August 4 and we are holding it the same place that Agronomy Day is held, so on the south farms, technically in Savoy, part of the University of Illinois campus.”

Stu Ellis: If people need to aggregate in teams, and so if a vo-ag teacher or a seed dealer, or somebody gets two or three students together…

Chelsea Harbach: “Yep, anybody can put together a team. You just need to have at least 1 adult coach with the team, and teams are 2-5 high school-age students.”

WCIA: How does somebody register or find out more information?

Chelsea Harbach: “You just need to

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