CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Farmer-favorite crop chemicals for corn and soybean production are likely going to be either expensive or unavailable this year. That spurred a visit with GROWMARK’s prop protection specialist Nathan Kleczewski.

What do we do if we run into a “Sorry, we don’t have that product?”

“Yeah, that is going to be something I think we’re going to be dealing with this year, and people should be ready for that,” Kleczewski said. “And one of the things I guess, nice things that we have available to us are many different products that will be efficacious on whatever it is we are looking for. One of the things we are going to have to, growers are going to have to keep in mind are the options that we have available to us through whoever it is we are purchasing our products from and what are the strengths and weaknesses of those different products. Lets just talk fungicides for a minute, let’s say corn, that’s a real easy crop and we’ll go on with one, maybe two applications. One of the nice things with a lot of the products out there is they are fairly similar in terms of the mode of action. The active ingredients and the mode of action. As well as the overall activity, there is subtle differences there, but they can still be effective in keeping down those foliar fungal diseases that are going to be causing you issues and promoting yield. So just because you can’t get your favorite product, doesn’t mean that you can’t use something else that might be available and still not have a good experience with it.”

Some of those have three factors in them and they can be pretty powerful in keeping something like tarspot down.

“Right and those products with three modes of action and also they are good in terms of reducing your risk of resistance development in terms of fungicide active ingredient modes of action as well,” Kleczewski said.

So, bad news, but some good news also.