From the Farm: Corn and soy crop update


PIATT COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — As we head into the weekend with warmer temperatures, the crops will certainly explode in growth.

WCIA: Jeff Hoffman is a certified crop specialist with Piatt County Service Company. We’ve finally started getting some growth on corn and beans because of the heat, and they like it.

Hoffman: “Yes, they do. The month of May was not real good to us on heat. We’ve had more frosty mornings than we’ve had in a long time, especially so many in a row. But the crop survived through that pretty well and now things are starting to kick in.”

WCIA: Are we going to catch up with where we should be?

Hoffman: “Oh, I think so. I think so. Usually, things have a way of averaging themselves out.”

WCIA: Are beans better off right now than corn is?

Hoffman: “I’d say the are about equal. I think the beans had a harder time with the cold weather than the corn did. I’d say they are about equal.”

WCIA: Any challenges to the crop that is around here?

Hoffman: “No. things right now look really good. About the only challenges that we’ve had, stands of corn have been excellent. We’ve really had no replant on corn. On soybeans, we struggled a little bit with some of the no-till fields and also some of the fields with the different tillage tools that left a lot of residue. Any place that had heavy residue had a little trouble getting up.”

WCIA: Any bugs, fungus, anything like that?

Hoffman: “Nope. So far everything’s good on that. We’re post spraying for weeds right now. The pre-emergence chemicals were excellent this spring. But anyplace that was missed spraying the weeds are there. So it’s time to get that done.”

WCIA: All we need is to continue the moisture and a little bit more heat.

Hoffman: “I agree. And things are going good.”

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