MATTOON, Ill. (WCIA) — A family is getting help from friends after a house fire destroyed their home ahead of the holidays.

The family lost nearly all of their possessions Thursday morning. Now, friends are doing what they can to help out.

Justin and Miranda Schnebley were preparing for the holidays like everyone else, but the fire displaced them and their two young children. So, their friend Johnny Maurisak decided to lend a hand.

“Justin and Miranda are the first ones to go ahead and help out in their community,” he said.

Maurisak knows the Schnebleys from church. He said the Schnebleys lost nearly everything many people take for granted. Clothes and toiletries are on the top of the list. On top of that, the Schnebleys have been married for less than a year.

Maurisak said this fire couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“Now, they’re going through the holidays without a home,” he said. “And we just we just felt it necessary to go out and help them back in return, when Justin and Miranda are the first ones to go ahead and help out in their community.”

Maurisak started a Go Fund Me for the family. It’s a simple way to give back to a family who has always been supportive of others.

“They’re kind of lost, just as much as everybody else is,” he said. “So, like I said, just trying to help out the helpers is what we’re doing.”

The Mattoon Fire Department said they are still investigating the cause of the fire. You can donate to their Go Fund Me through this link.