Friday Bingo is back for one Senior Living Facility


TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — People are celebrating the move to phase 5 in a lot of different ways. One senior living facility kicked it off the only way they knew how, with bingo.

It was a small bingo game, but it was a big step in the right direction for the senior living facility in Tuscola. It was the first event they had in over a year with no mask or social distancing in sight.

After more than a year of masking and social distancing, finally, one senior living facility is fully opening its doors to visitors.

“I feels real good,” Cindy Carson, a woman who lives at the facility said.

And they kicked off the celebration with some good old fashion bingo.

“Friday is bingo day. Friday has always been bingo day,” Sally Foote, owner of the facility said.

This Friday was even more special because the state moved into phase 5 of its reopening plan. For the Jarman Center Senior Living in Tuscola that means events like this can happen with family and friends. This is the first time since the pandemic started folks who live here could have visitors with no restrictions.

“This whole year plus has been just closed down from being able to invite the outside in,” Foote said.

But, they are all ready to get back to how things once were.

“It’s a lot of fun sitting next to your friends and chat in between bingo games,” Carson said.

Everyone playing bingo was fully vaccinated. It was a small step in the right direction for workers, people who live there and their loved ones

Foote said everyone is welcome into the facility. She said those who are vaccinated can visit without a mask, but if you are unvaccinated they are asking you wear a mask and social distance as a courtesy.

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