SAINT JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — The Village of Saint Joseph preserved a piece of its history today. They celebrated their 150th year by burying a time capsule.

Earlier this year they found the town’s 1972 capsule while clearing out the old Boys’ Scout building. That time capsule was dug up in 2000, at the time 72 years early. The mayor is unsure why there was an early removal. But the discovery lined up perfectly with town’s plan for a 50-year capsule.

Inside are the 1972 items that weren’t damaged, items from 2000 and items placed from this year. Including one woman’s photos that show the town’s changes over the years. Today’s burial will bridge the gap between the old and new Saint Joseph.

“And as she remembered back, ‘Well this is where the grocery store used to be and this is where a little soda shop was,’ or whatever. And so, I thought that was really interesting to see what it was then and what it is now. So, we made sure we placed that in there along with some of the old pictures that she had found in some of her albums,” said Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges.

Other memorabilia include a 2022 yearbook, business cards, as well as an article about Ross Booker, the 20-year-old volunteer firefighter and tow-truck driver who was killed on the job in March.

The mayor says while she might not be around to see it, it’ll be fun for the younger people to see the history in this way. It’s set to be opened on saint joseph’s 200-year anniversary.