FORSYTH, Ill. (WCIA) — Earlier this month, a combine veered off the road, hitting a home in Forsyth. The home’s occupants, a mother and daughter, had to take what they could and leave. Then just few days later, burglars went in and took what was left.

“I got a phone call saying that I needed to call the fire chief, and I was very confused on what was going on. And they said, a combine hit your house,” Carmen Lacy said.

Lacy thought the call would be the last surprising event to happen at her home. She said the damage shifted the home off its foundation and forced them to stay somewhere else.

“All these people surrounding my house and realizing I didn’t have anywhere to sleep that night was a very, very surreal feeling,” she said.

Lacy’s landlord was able to put them in another one of his properties, but while she and her daughter were moving temporary space, thieves were looking for what they could take.

“As soon as I walked in, the back door was open and stuff was all over the place. And I knew that somebody had been there,” Lacy said.

She said they didn’t just take the expected items. They snatched up what would usually only hold sentimental value to them.

“They took stuff that didn’t really mean anything to anybody else, like little trinkets and bobs that my daughter had. You know, collectibles in her room, some china that my grandma had given us,” Lacy said.

Now they’re worried about the items that can be replaced.

“My dad just said, just put it out there and people want to give. They’re asking you what they can do, and you know, this will be a way for people to help,” Lacy said. “And I never really thought anything would amount to anything.”

But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, with people who live nearby donating $2,000 — and that amount is only growing. Lacy said even if they don’t reach their goal completely, she’s thankful to everyone who helped out.

“I’m so blessed [for the] people I’ve worked with and the people I know. I mean, it means more to me than I’ll ever be able to say. So, yeah, it’s been pretty incredible.”

She said the money donated will go towards other items that were stolen like blankets, bath towels and food. Donations can be made through this GoFundMe page.