RIDGE FARM, Ill. (WCIA) – The cry of a baby could mean many things. They need a diaper change, a nap, or just need to be fed, but what if the one thing you need to make that bottle is no where to be found?

“I just I can’t find it. It’s crazy,” Michaila Baldwin, a new mother, said.

Families across the country, state, and Central Illinois are facing shortages of baby formula.

“I have gone into Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. I even went onto Amazon and I could not find anything. My son had like one or two, maybe two cans left, and I was freaking out because how am I supposed to feed my kid,” she said.

From one store to the next, and then from one city to the next, and even into Indiana. She struggled to find the specific formula her son needs, or she says any formula at all.

“Like it was just gone, and I was just like what in the world? How does that happen?” she said.

It happened after a major recall of three giant formula brands. Similac, Alimentum and EleCare. On top of supply chain issues. That left families switching to other brands like Enfamil, and leaving those who were already relying on that brand empty handed.

“My son has a milk intolerance, and that’s the only formula his stomach can digest and not have a belly ache and spit up a lot. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing he can take without having issues,” Baldwin said.

And wondering when this could end.

“We need to feed our babies. We need these things. Some babies can’t be breastfed. My son’s one of them,” Baldwin said. “Everything I have you know it’s just kind of like when it’s gone and if there’s nothing back on the shelves, my babies got nothing. I just don’t know what else to do.”

Enfamil has a message on its website that said they’ve increased production and are working closely with distribution channels to get products out quickly.

The biggest piece of advice people like Baldwin and other families are getting is to contact their pediatricians. She said right now, they’re just working with what they have the best way they can.