DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — “We’re kind of questioning why he was wearing a uniform shirt that says sheriff, a badge on it, making it look like it appears that he was representing the Macon County Sheriff’s Office,” Jaime Belcher said.

He’s talking about former Macon County Sheriff Tony Brown’s appearance in an ad supporting Nikki Brudzinski for Congress.

“A lot of politicians talk about supporting firefighters and the police,” Brown said.

You can see the text at the bottom of the screen says “Sheriff Brown.” He hasn’t held the office since last year. The sheriff’s office says people have reached out to them about this since Jim Root is the current sheriff.

“We number one, never let our officers represent themselves as a member of this department, supporting any member of a political party whatsoever,” Belcher said.

A spokesperson couldn’t confirm if root will reach out to brown about his involvement in the ad, but he does want the community to know.

“Rest a sure them that is not something this department condones or allows for our current officers who we have control over or rule or regulate to allow to do,” Belcher said.

WCIA reached out to Tony Brown several times but have not heard back. WCIA also reached out to Brudzinski’s campaign but have not heard back.

The full statement from the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Macon County Sheriff’s Office does not provide endorsements for persons running for political office. Deputies and retired employees are entitled to endorse or support political candidates in any manner they chose as long as they are not portraying themselves as a member of the Sheriff’s Office. In the case of Retired Sheriff Brown, he is not representing the views of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office but rather his personal opinion. Questions concerning an individual’s appearance in political advertisements should be directed to the committee
producing the advertisement and not the Macon County Sheriff’s Office.”