CHICAGO, Ill. (WCIA) – Most college basketball players love the time they spend on the court. For former Illini walk-on Zach Griffith, he found his love in the weight room.

“I fell in love with the process of transforming the body through proper movement and nutrition,” said Fisher native Griffith, who graduated from the University of Illinois in kinesiology in 2021. “It helped to work daily alongside my fantastic strength and conditioning coach Adam Fletcher each and every day. He continued to kindle that fire throughout my college career.”

As a current Doctorate of Physical Therapy candidate at Northwestern University in Chicago, Griffith earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification a few weeks before his first day of class. He soon turned his credentials into a personal training business.

“During college, I would additionally assist my family and friends by creating training and nutrition plans for them,” Griffith said. “The ongoing pandemic has made it difficult for many people to sustain their health and fitness. This is when I decided to help others with my skills and education.”

Griffith works one-on-one with a handful of clients on a daily basis. He discusses their workouts, weights used, their levels of fatigue, and any other crucial information.

All of them have unique health and well-being goals. This allows him to creatively tailor their workouts to their individual needs.

Despite him and his team winning the Big Ten Conference Championship in 2021, some of his favorite moments of Illini basketball were spent with Coach Fletcher.

“Fletch and I have had many lengthy conversations in the weight room behind the ‘why’ of strength training,” Griffith said. “He is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and I have learned so much from him which I now implement to my clients.”

In the future, Griffith plans to utilize his doctorate degree to create a multidimensional practice of treating injury as well as promoting maximum performance. Nowadays, he’s enjoying his current position while taking it day by day.

“Seeing the progress and newfound confidence in my clients is a great high,” Griffith said. “I’ve been having a great time with this, and my clients are what makes the effort worth it.”