Former governor weighs in on impasse


ILLINOIS — Former governor Jim Edgar says it’s time to face facts. He says a stop-gap budget is a step in the right direction, but things have to continue to move forward in Springfield.

He started off commending state officials for coming together to pass the stop-gap budget. He said one of the biggest problems with the stalemate is the lack of compromise. He hopes to see the momentum continue.

Edgar says passing a balanced budget will not be easy. He says it will probably take a tax increase as well as program cuts, but it has to get done sooner rather than later.

Edgar reiterated the importance of a full budget for economical purposes. He says, without one, it’s hard to attract business to the state.

Edgar says financial responsibility was his biggest priority when he was in office. He adds, he knows it’s not easy to achieve, but says it can be done.

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