NATIONAL (WCIA) — A motion to travel–denied. That’s the decision handed down to a former central Illinois woman busted in the college admissions scandal for buying her kids into elite colleges. She wanted off home confinement to go to her daughter’s graduation from the University of Illinois Law School.

Elisabeth Kimmel served six weeks in prison–and is now two months into her home confinement sentence.

Kimmel resigned from the First Busey Corporation’s Board of Directors, shortly after the infamous “Varsity Blues” scandal came to light that included names like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Less culpable people involved in this scandal were sentenced to longer terms in prison, but Kimmel was given a shorter term in jail with home confinement because of her “debilitating medical issues.” She is now confined to her 8,000-square foot penthouse condominium, serving the remainder of her sentence. But now, she is feeling well enough to travel to Champaign.

U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins said, “It would be a perverse result to allow the defendant to be released from custody to attend and celebrate the higher-education accomplishments of her children, even though her fraud, bribery, and lies relating to her children’s college admission are why she is serving a federal sentence as a convicted criminal in the first place.” That attorney reiterated the government is sensitive to the fact Kimmel may miss her daughter’s graduation, but that is also true for the hundreds of other criminals sentenced every year, ranging from violent offenders to white-collar criminals.