Forgetting to check sump pump is costly consequence


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s that time of year to make sure your sump pump is working properly.

Sump pumps are put at the lowest part of your home, usually in a basement or crawl space.

It’s designed to keep water from coming into the home. If it does, the damage can be costly. 

Experts say it’s important to check on your sump pumps and have a backup plan.

The primary sump pump is motorized and it is electric components so it can fail. A back up sump pump can either be operated by battery or just the water level in general, so you have a dedicated line for that in the event that something were to actually fail, says Jake Farmer with 217 Inc. 

He says a sump pump should be replaced every three to five years. 

If anything happens get a plumber on the phone immediately. 

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