Food stamps could be cut for millions


NATIONAL (WCIA) — Millions of people could soon be without a supplement they depend on to eat each day. The Trump administration is proposing new regulations to determine who gets food stamps. Some organizations say the rules could make it harder for families to take care of a basic need.

About three million people could be impacted. It has some worried about what will happen to those families. Those who are automatically getting food stamps because they have welfare benefits would no longer get food stamps. Doing so would possibly save the government about $2.5 billion annually.

Proponents of the plan say because of the strong economy, there aren’t as many people who need the assistance. Karol Schaefer is the food director at Northeast Community Fund, in Decatur. She says if the plan becomes reality, it could have a big impact on non-profits.

Schaefer says if it happens, it won’t just be Northeast Community Fund being impacted but other food pantries throughout the country may notice more people coming through the doors.

For now, it’s just a proposal so there will be several more steps to take before, or even if, this is implemented. The Department of Agriculture reports fewer people are using food stamps. About 36 million got them in April, down from 38 million the previous year.

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