Rain causes flooded streets


RANTOUL,Ill. (WCIA)- Three inches of rain fell in less than an hour and flooded Rantoul streets.
This is an amount that typically takes hours to fall.

The rain started on Tuesday and continued off and on throughout Thursday. Resident and admin of the Rantoul Facebook community page Kristian Hopkins saw the flooding throughout the area.

“Pretty much every street in town was flooded in some areas says,” Hopkins. “Over a foot of standing water vehicles couldn’t pass through the viaduct floods pretty regularly was flooded very soon.”

Pictures and videos were also shared with the Rantoul community Facebook page.
The page administrator says this shows the village needs to be prepared for storms.

“Rantoul, just like any other village or city, needs to be prepared for unpredictable weather, says, “Hopkins.” We’ve got climate change going to make these weather events a lot more frequent
and unpredictable so you know if the storm drainage is outdated, it needs to be updated.”

Rantoul Public Works say they’ve implemented many different flooding tactics.
One of those being retention ponds which help flood control and serve as a runoff treatment
These ponds help control flooding and serve as a runoff treatment.

Public works do suggest using backflow valves to help prevent flooding in basements.
While there are multiple systems in place to reduce flooding, they say this flood was a challenge for their systems because the rain was not spread out.

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