Flat Lincoln Traveling Central Illinois


CLINTON, Ill. (WCIA) – You may have heard of Flat Stanley, but right now, Flat Lincoln is the one making his way around Clinton.

Right now, he’s calling the Dewitt County Museum home and that’s where you can visit him.

He has been very busy at the museum baking pies and playing the harp.

Tuesday was the first day the C.H. Moore Homestead Dewitt County Museum had the Lincoln cut out.

The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau and Looking for Lincoln are in change of where the cut out goes.

Joey Long is the museum director. She said Flat Lincoln is making stops at places where real life Abraham Lincoln has ties.

“It’s a great way to just promote our local history and heritage and we’re proud to have him. So, far he’s been very well behaved,” Long said.

She said Lincoln used to visit the man who owned the house. There’s even an entire part of the museum dedicated to Lincoln.

Flat Lincoln will stay mainly in the carriage barn at the museum. Long said that’s so anyone can come by and visit him and take pictures.

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