VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) – A Vermilion County staple is closing its doors this month. The Fischer Theatre announced Thursday they’re cancelling all January events.

Doug Toole is the Vermilion County Health Department Administrator. He said this is the highest number of cases he’s seen in the county since the pandemic started. In the last 14 days, there’s been more than 1,700 new COVID cases.

That’s why Fischer Theatre has canceled all of its events for the month of January. That includes several movie viewings, and the Danville High School Chorus Booster Fundraiser.

Vermilion Heritage Foundation Executive Director Jason Rome said they feel the best way to positively impact the well-being of the community is to take a break from large gatherings.

Rome said it’s because of the COVID-19 impact on the community, and specifically the strain on the healthcare system. And Toole said he hopes action like this will help.

“I sure hope so. With things getting, with transmission being this high, and so many new cases showing up, we just keep falling back to things we’ve been saying since the start of the pandemic,” he said.

Toole said this is not just a Vermilion County thing. Across the country, we are seeing spikes in COVID cases and hospitalizations.

The Theatre hopes with this pause, it will help. The plan is to have events again in February. Starting with Danville’s got talent on the 4th.