DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)–Fischer Theater in Danville was fully restored right before the pandemic, but they haven’t had many opportunities to bring in large crowds. Now, the theater is trying to make a comeback.

Fischer Theater announced Wednesday afternoon, they’d be partnering with the Danville Symphony Orchestra for a series of shows to put the theater back on the map.

The theater is hosting three live symphonies later this year. Fischer’s executive director Jason Rome tells WCIA this move is a no-brainer. He said he’s excited because this partnership with the symphony gives both parties an opportunity to bring a spark back to downtown Danville.

“I think the fact these two organizations were able to see that and think big picture, and realize if we really combine our resources, really it’s going to benefit the community that much more,” Rome said. “It strengthens all of us.”

The symphony orchestra begins transitioning from the Dick Van Dyke theater to Fischer tomorrow. Fischer will be where they hold most of their concerts right now. But the symphony will still perform at their traditional venue from time to time. The first show is set for October 2nd.