First Responders Rescue Two Vehicles caught out in Flood Water


MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA)–Randolph Township Firefighters were called to County Road 1700 East at 11. When they got there, they found a woman’s car stuck 300 feet out in flood water.

“We decided the water wasn’t moving too fast, so we went ahead and deployed our water suits,” Randolph Township’s Fire Chief Randy Richards said.

Firefighters said it was a smooth operation getting that car out, but soon they were on the rescue yet again. Later that afternoon, they were called to a stretch on County Road 1200 East, this time for a gravel truck. Because of how much further out the truck was, and because of chest high flooding, crew’s had to bring out the swim and dive team to save it. Richards said this time, the current was strong enough to start lifting that truck.

“We deployed a boat, but we were skeptical because the water and beans all throughout a big field,” Richards said.

Luckily, the team was able to get the driver of that truck to safety. So far, it’s the fifth flood rescue they’ve had this year.

“I’ve been on this department for forty years,” Richards said. “I haven’t seen the water get to places it did this year.”

And this is exactly why first responders in the area are now warning everyone, to just turn around, and don’t drown.

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