GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — While most people in Gibson City had to deal with their own problems from the flood Thursday, one group was out helping others, while their own places were flooded.

“We got over 140 calls that day into the police department, just during the daylight hours,” Captain Roy Acree, Gibson City Police Department said.

A hectic morning Thursday in Gibson City as water flooded homes.

“The amount of water flowing through a few apartments was several feet deep and needing to help people out of that,” Chief Bruce Kallal, Gibson City Fire Protection District said.

This happened specifically on the north side of town. Water poured into some apartments, destroying them. It was life-threatening for some.

“Chief Rosenthal will never tell anybody what happened on Thursday, but at one point Chief Rosenthal and our superintendent of schools, Jeremy Darnell, were sharing a Jon boat and they very well saved a couple of disabled people’s lives, which the water was coming in so fast they were sitting in their chairs and it was coming up to their waist,” Captain Acree said.

They were able to get those people to safety.

“Our teams performed immaculately. Done exactly what they needed to do. The community came together in that short time and did a lot,” Chief Kallal said.

While first responders were helping others dealing with the floods, their own homes were flooding.

“Several of my team were actually there helping other people, while their basements were filling up with water. And that goes for everybody that helped, the community members that helped, their basements were filling up with water at the same time,” Chief Kallal said.

They said they couldn’t have done it without the help of other first responders in surrounding areas and the community.

“With a small police department like we have, you can’t measure how important that is because they know that someday they might need it also and we would be there for them, especially now with the way things went down on Thursday,” Captain Acree said.

Gibson City posted a bunch of information regarding debris, donations, and more on their website. Here’s the link below.