OAKLAND, Ill. (WCIA) – Several central Illinois communities are facing a difficult decision this year – whether to cancel Fourth of July festivities.

Oakland made that call about a month ago. Their annual fireworks show brings many families and vendors into town, but the rising cost of fireworks made the tradition too expensive.

The company who had originally supplied the fireworks was “completely” bought out by another amid supply chain issues. Luckily, Roy McCammon, the firefighter in charge of the event, said a new company has stepped in to help, and the show is back on. He said they’re still about $500 over their ideal budget, but everyone around town enjoys the fireworks.

Oakland Police Chief Ethan Brewer said he’s not surprised that other towns, like Homer, still don’t have the budget.

“Something else due to supply shortages and rising costs of things… it’s something else that’s being taken away from us where we can enjoy time with family and friends, and enjoy a festival that we’ve long had in this community,” Brewer said.

He said the community will feel “reassured” they’ll still get to celebrate this year. And coming out of the pandemic, they could all use a little normalcy.

McCammon said the show is set to take place on June 25 from behind Lake Crest Elementary School.