Danville, Ill. (WCIA) – Danville firefighters are reminding people to be careful when they’re working.

This comes after a driver ran over a hose while crews were dousing a garage fire on Tuesday. The hose that was ran over was a supply hose that sends water to the fire truck and will have to be replaced; it’ll cost about $500.

When drivers run over a hose, it could cause the hose to burst, and that can be a huge danger to firefighters, as well as an inconvenience. When the main hose doesn’t work, firefighters have to stop what they’re doing and reattach a new one.

Chief Don McMasters says one of their best resources during an emergency is time.

“That 10 to 12 or 14 minutes, whatever it is that these guys over here are here fixing the hose, these guys can’t be working inside the atmosphere,” McMasters said. “that’s many more minutes that the fire is just building back up again.”

McMasters said they were lucky the entire hose didn’t rupture, and it was only a small puncture.

People can be fined for running over a fire hose. McMasters says as a general rule of thumb, when you see flashing emergency lights, stay away and find a different route to keep everyone safe.