SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – Rhett Sarsany had an unusual start to his Father’s Day this year.

He woke up in the middle of the night to his pregnant wife Sara screaming, because she had gone into labor. 

Rhett called 911 twice because he quickly realized that his son would be delivered before his wife could make it to the hospital.  

“I quickly dialed 911 and hung up, immediately [thinking] ‘you know what, I don’t need to dial 911. I could bring him to the hospital myself,’” Rhett said. “And no, I quickly panicked and dialed them right back.”  

According to Rhett, five firefighters in Springfield and Chatham were at their house in four minutes. Their baby was born five minutes later and delivered by Springfield firefighter Frank Morrell. 

“I hate to think what would happen if it weren’t for Springfield and Chatham Fire,” Sara said. “They were there just in time and did their job efficiently. We are so thankful to them and owe them everything.”   

Now, the couple’s baby boy, Corbin, is nearly two months old and healthy. And the five firefighters who answered the call –Captain Michael Flynn, Morrell, and Ben Mundstock from Springfield FD and Jeffery Bone and Kyle Enstrom from Chatham FD– were recognized Thursday by St. John’s Hospital as ‘storks’, a recognition for assisting in a healthy delivery outside of the hospital. 

“Delivering a baby prehospital is a badge of honor for first responders,” Tina Molohon, the trauma coordinator at St. John’s, said. 

All five firefighters took an emergency childbirth course at St. Johns before the Father’s Day delivery.

“The emergency childbirth class focuses on complicated deliveries, managing the neonatal airway and the obstetrics patient,” Bob Kayma, St. John’s EMS educator, said. “We focus on clinical responses to keep mom and baby as safe as possible until they can be brought to a hospital.” 

The firefighters say Corbin is welcome to tour the fire station anytime once he’s old enough. 

“When I’m retired, I’ll remember this call,” Flynn said.