Firefighter accused of trespassing in ambulance


COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — A firefighter is accused of trespassing in an ambulance.

Mitchell-Jerdan Ambulance Service said the incident happened on May 21st outside of Harbor Freight in Mattoon. The suspect, Charleston firefighter Matt MacDonald, is accused of getting into the ambulance and activating the emergency flashers.

Coles County State’s Attorney Jesse Danley said Mattoon Police Chief Jason Taylor told him about the incident this week.

“He advised on the general circumstances surrounding – that I can expect to receive a report or a citation of some type,” Danley said.

Mitchell-Jerdan released the following statement regarding the trespassing incident:

“On May 21, 2019 an individual entered our ambulance and activated the emergency flashers while it was parked outside Harbor Freight. This incident was reported to Mattoon Police and they took statements from our employees. We consider trespass to one of our vehicles a serious matter. The ambulances are equipped with medical equipment and supplies necessary to provide emergency medical treatment including airway kits, EZ-IO kits, intubation kits, syringes, BLS/ALS drugs, and heart monitors/defibrillators etc. which could be dangerous in the wrong hands. We see no reason for an individual entering our ambulances without permission. “

The Charleston Fire Department said it cannot comment on personnel matters. The department’s website shows MacDonald has been a firefighter in Charleston since August 2006, and was promoted to his role as a lieutenant in January 2012.

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