DEERS, Ill. (WCIA) — Firefighters are still looking for a dog after putting out a house fire this morning. It happened near country road 1800 East and 1200 North in Deers in Champaign County. The owner wasn’t hurt, but he did lose everything.

Firefighters aren’t sure what started the flames. They believe it could’ve been some electrical issues, but they said the damage is too bad for them to find the cause. Sidney, Ogden, Saint Joseph, and Homer were some of the departments that helped to put out the fire. Firefighters said the freezing temperatures made their job even more difficult.

“I know that it was a good thing that we had a lot of help here today, because we could rotate in and out. We had eight departments here and we rotated people in and out. You know trying to get them warmed up a little bit so they could go back in,” said Sidney Fire Chief Don Happ.

Firefighters haven’t found the owner’s pet dog. They’re holding out hope it ran off during the fire.