Fire destroys home for sale

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Update: 3:45 pm, 3/9/16, Wednesday 

BROADLANDS — Fire burned down a house on South Grant Wednesday morning. Crews say determining a cause might be impossible.

Instead of his alarm clock, Jason Gingold woke to the sounds of sirens.

“We looked out the window and saw all the flames. We were quite scared.”

They were coming from next door.

“Everything was just up in smoke. I mean, the flames were probably 50 – 100 feet tall. I mean, it was on fire.”

What used to be a house is now an empty lot.

“As you can see, it’s a total loss.”

About 50 firefighters arrived just after 3 am, but the house was already past saving, so they instead focused on neighboring homes.

“Our first concern was actually protecting the houses to the north because we had a significant amount of wind that was coming and blowing embers on the roofs of the buildings.”

They were evacuated. The scene was cleared within an hour, but in the ashes, it’s like there are few clues as to what started it.

“Obviously, with this amount of destruction, it’s going to be difficult to isolate a cause and origin for the fire.”

It took 13 units to contain the fire. The cause is under investigation. 

Original: 11:45 am, 3/9/16, Wednesday

BROADLANDS — A home was destroyed by an early morning fire. Crews say the house, which was for sale, is a total loss.

Authorities got the call just after 3 am, Wednesday. The home is on the corner of Grant and West Green.

13 units responded. The cause is under investigation.

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