Filling out the 2020 Census


URBANA,Ill. (WCIA)- The United States Census only comes around every ten years, but it can leave a lasting impact depending on whether or not you fill it out.

The census provides data for federal funding that can directly change your neighborhoods. It can also affect the number of seats each state will have in the House of Representatives.

The Champaign County Regional Planning commission is managing the process of census filing. Gabe Lewis is one of the people who oversee the process.

“The Champaign county regional planning commission coordinates the Champaign county area, complete count,” said Lewis. “We are trying to count each, and every person counts them only once and in the right place.”

55 federal programs use census data to determine where the money goes in states and communities. If there is a complete count in central Illinois, then your community would get the help it needs. The census will pay for healthcare programs, education and roadways, and many others that impact the area.

It is estimated that for every person in Illinois who doesn’t fill out their census, Illinois is losing $1,400 per person per year.

This is why the regional planning commission urges people to fill out their census.

For more information on the Census, click here.

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