Fifth graders compete in Rube Goldberg contest


CHAMPAIGN — Fifth graders were competing in this weekend’s regional Rube Goldberg competition. It’s part of the Engineering Open House at the University of Illinois. The kids have been learning more than just science this year. Ms. Romero’s class from Urbana’s Leal Elementary is a dual language class, so that’s part of their day to day as well.

They placed third in the local Engineer in the Classroom contest. That gave them the green light to move forward for regionals. The class used a map of Urbana as the theme for their machine, which used several different steps to pour a bowl of cereal. Students say they had a good time with their fellow classmates.

“Working together,” said Robert King, who is in fifth grade. “It’s a very cooperative project and we have everybody in the class doing something to help with the project.”

The competition started at 9 am at the I Hotel. It lasted three hours. The Leal students did pretty well. They were able to get their machine to work and perform that task twice. High school students also had their own separate Rube Goldberg machine contest this weekend.  Middle schoolers have a design contest on Saturday where they build a bridge and see which one can hold the most weight.

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