Fifth bomb threat called in at Walmart


Update: 10:45 pm, 2/4/17, Saturday 

DANVILLE — People are staying away from a superstore with a lot of unusual calls. Police say Walmart had five bomb threats over the last week. It happened at the location on North Vermilion Street.

Each time police have gone out, they said they did not find anything suspicious, but people are starting to wonder if empty threats mean trouble somewhere else.

People said they are trying to avoid the area, especially at night. Store managers said they’ve noticed.

There were five bomb threats in one week. For all five, there’s been nothing to bust, but a lot had to bolt.  

“Every night, one of my friends has been here,” said Cheyenne Anderson.

Each time, it’s the same deal.

“They have to leave. Everyone gets blocked out, and then a lot of people just leave to go to Meijer,” said Anderson.

Anderson is a loyal Walmart customer. She said she goes at least twice a week. Lately she feels like she’s shopping alone.

“There’s been a few times I’ve come here during the day and no one was here,” said Anderson.

“The foot traffic we’ve seen limited,” said Glenna Marr, who has also seen a difference.

Her business hasn’t suffered, but she said, “We had more customers coming in before this happened.”

Marr is the district manager of Cato Fashions. She’s used to being on her feet, but Saturday, she’s been on her toes.

“Today twice, we’ve heard ambulances going by, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, is that another bomb threat?'”

Police say they’re still looking for information on who’s behind the threats, or why. Tony Redenbaugh, who lives just down the street, has his own idea.

“Personally I think it’s just a hoax, and somebody’s just either bored or it’s their practical joke,” said Redenbaugh.

Others wonder if these calls are a distraction to get police away while something else unfolds.

But no matter what it is, people like Anderson say, “It needs to stop. Point blank. There’s too many lives at stake for all this.”

“It is kind of scary. It makes you aware and conscious of what your surroundings are,” said Marr.

Police may not have found a bomb, but they are taking each call very seriously. For Friday night’s threat, they brought out a K-9 unit.  

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and may earn a cash reward. 

(217) 446 – TIPS 
Danville Police
(217) 431 – 2245 
Original: 8:05 pm, 2/3/17, Friday 

DANVILLE — Police are investigating after another bomb threat was called in at Walmart. It’s the fifth threat this week.

Police say the first threat happened Sunday. No kind of device has ever been found after the calls.

Authorities are trying to determine who made the calls.  

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