Farms impacted by cold weather


Farms make changes to handle cold weather

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Record low temperatures hit Central Illinois. Some farms have to make changes to keep business afloat. “The cold’s come a little bit early this year,” said Megan Reynolds of Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery. “We went very quickly from autumn normal seasonal weather to very very cold. Something we’re more likely to see in January typically,” said Maggie Taylor, Owner of Delight Flower Farm. Maggie Taylor is the owner of Delight Flower Farm. They grow cut flowers for places like grocery stores and farmer’s markets. She says the cold slowed down some growth and construction on the farm. She says they’ll be okay. “But I know a lot of the conventional farmers around us are really effected,” said Taylor.

Data from the USDA said corn harvested for grain was at 71 percent. That’s compared to 96 percent this time last year, and soybean harvest was 87 percent complete. That’s down from 94 percent last year. Prairie Fruits Farms is also feeling the impact of the cold.

“We planted a fall garden in plenty of time to give us a crop, but with the early cold some of the things we planted didn’t come up,” said Reynolds, “Also our goats had a little bit of a decrease in their milk production.” That has changed operations. “Our gelato production has decreased,” said Reynolds. They’re looking forward to better luck next year. “Resilient crops that are able to handle the major extremes that happen in our weather right now,” said Taylor.

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