SIDELL, Ill., (WCIA) — People in Sidell are breathing a sigh of relief. Their stolen items were found and a suspect is in custody. 

It comes after one farmer said his farming equipment was stolen on Tuesday and another neighbor’s vehicle was stolen. 

The Clark County jail confirmed the suspect’s name, Dakota Conroy. He’s now in custody in Clark County. 

The farmer, Keith Lyons, and his neighbor both said they worked with a variety of sheriff departments, including Clark County, Edgar County and Vermilion County. 

Kelly Lyons, his wife, said the farming equipment was found down the road, unharmed.  

Tom Fricke with the Vermilion County Farm Bureau said he’s noticed similar situations before when farming equipment has been damaged. 

He wants to prevent it from happening again. 

“If you’re at the farmstead, if you have the capability of putting up video monitoring, that’s always helpful,” Fricke said. “It’s just like your home. All the precautions you can take with your home, keeping your cars, your mower, your bicycles locked up, farmers are doing that with their equipment as well.”

Fricke said supply chain issues are also making it hard to replace equipment if it’s damaged or stolen. He knows some who are waiting a long time or even driving to other counties to find parts they need.