Farmers say yes to rain but don’t want an excess


CLINTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Some farmers welcomed today’s rain but are bracing themselves for the weekend forecast.

Greg Anderson is getting ready for the wet weekend. He says he wanted the rain that’s already fallen, but the next few rounds might be a bit difficult to handle.

“We’ve been in a dry spot here close to Clinton Lake,” said Anderson. “Been missing a lot of the rain this spring. I know as today came acrosss, we got over two inches and it was welcomed. So our crop actually needed it.”

Anderson owns Triple M Farm: Mariahs’ Mums & More. It’s a specialty crop farm where he grows strawberries, mums and a variety of produce, including sweet corn, tomatoes and peppers. He says rainwater is great for the crops.

But if things like nursery crops or strawberries sit in water, they may start getting disease. This would affect them in teh long run.

“We’re hoping that we don’t have ponds or flooding or anything that stays on top on the surface, so we want good drainage,” said Anderson. “We’re lucky enough, we got good drainage here at our farm.”

Anderson says he uses an irrigation system, so he doesn’t have to water the crops manually. He turns it off in preparation during rainfall like this.

Anderson says it’s all about getting rain in moderation.

You want some air for the crop but too much water may eliminate air.

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